#11 Re-organise the bookshelf

As I mentioned before, having an asthmatic daughter who is allergic to dust means there are many opportunities to avoid writing with cleaning based activities.

The last time she came to stay she became bored of playing shop and decided she would like to play librarian. Now I dust the bookshelf every week (which will be hard to believe by those who know me but nevertheless true) however, the books don’t really get moved on these occasions so, given my daughter’s express wish to partake in more librarian based fun in the future, I decided it was probably time for another reorganisation.

I had already separated the books into reference, non-fiction, plays, short stories, foreign (to me) language, fiction and children’s fiction and alphabetised all of these sections in a previous attempt at writing avoidance so all I really needed to do was clean the shelves and books and return them to their alphabetised places. How do you think I got on?






About M J Dees

M J Dees lives and works in Sao Paulo, Brazil with his wife and daughter. He has written two novels, Living with Saci and The Story of James and David Part 1- The Anniversaries, and is currently working on his third.
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