#13 Go to the zoo

With only three days of holiday left, I am running out of time to do things with my daughter before we both have to go back to school so it seemed time for our annual trip to the zoo.

What better way to cheer ourselves up, and to avoid writing, than watching distressed animals pace around their enclosures.

As zoos go, Sao Paulo is not the smallest. It’s larger than London; smaller than Singapore but definitely a great deal better than the sorry excuse for a zoo that I accidentally ended up in one time in Sumatra.

The Sao Paulo zoo has recently opened a new exhibit about dinosaurs which is a slight departure from educating people about species which are about to go extinct to educating them about species which became extinct millions of years ago.


Is there something behind me?

The exhibit is designed, I guess, to give you an idea of the actual size of these monsters and also gives you the chance to stand very close to one (albeit a replica) as opposed to the lion, tiger and bear which are difficult to get close to for obvious reasons


A white Bengal tiger


A tiger coloured tiger


About M J Dees

M J Dees lives and works in Sao Paulo, Brazil with his wife, daughter and two cats. He has written three novels, Living with Saci, The Astonishing Anniversaries of James and David plus another which will be published later in the year. He is currently writing the fourth. You can sign up for more information on his book launches at http://eepurl.com/cTnAD5
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