#27 Get the second rejection for the first novel and send it to another agent.

So the second rejection arrived. This time without any feedback so no pointers involving time consuming rewrites, just onto the next agent on the list which meant rewriting the covering letter, checking the synopsis and making sure that the sample of the novel meets the agent’s requirements,  in this case the first thirty pages, which for my novel means the first five chapters.
I selected the agent on the basis that they represent an author who wrote a novel set close to the setting of my novel. Not the best criteria I admit but given that the story is set in Sao Paulo it might not be as bizarre as it sounds.

In any case,  after three months, if I get no reply I’ll just send it to another agent. For my next agent I intend to follow the advice of the Women Writers website and select a new agent who is striving to make a name from themselves rather than an established agent with a full portfolio.  Wish me luck.


About M J Dees

M J Dees lives and works in Sao Paulo, Brazil with his wife, daughter and two cats. He has written three novels, Living with Saci, The Astonishing Anniversaries of James and David plus another which will be published later in the year. He is currently writing the fourth. You can sign up for more information on his book launches at http://eepurl.com/cTnAD5
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