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#140 Reading How Democracies Die

I downloaded this book as part of my research for my forthcoming Collapse series. Book one, Hatred, is all about the rise of an authoritarian regime, book two, Collapse, is the moment when society collapses due to resource depletion and … Continue reading

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#126 The economic impacts of Covid-19 in Brazil

As you should be able to see from the graph above, about 55 days into the pandemic here, Brazil has not yet managed to bend the curve and is now registering the second-highest official daily total of deaths in the … Continue reading

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#19 follow the US presidential race.

To be honest, it’s pretty difficult to avoid the US presidential campaign at the moment. Trump provides such great entertainment for everyone.  He even features in my daughter’s school assembly. It seems astonishing sometimes who the  US populus are willing … Continue reading


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