#160 happy workers day and coronation

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Today, I was almost run over on a zebra crossing by a woman driving an unnecessary large SUV.

What I assume was her husband in the passenger seat called me a ‘caralho’ which according to Google translate is Portuguese for a ‘fuck’.

Apparently, he was upset that I had delayed the progress of their obscenely inappropriate vehicle by having the temerity to use a pedestrian crossing.

Unfortunately, this is the common view amongst the rich who have always viewed us as an inconvenience. Unfortunately, they would not get their expensive meals brought to their tables or their children taken care of all day without us so they have to put up with us.

What I find so incredible is that we put up with them. We by far outnumber them, and yet we continue to elect people who make our lives worse. This just goes to show how incredibly stupid we are.

At the moment, the fossil fuel industries are making record profits while we are being told that we have to endure a cost of living crisis. Had Jeremy Corbyn been allowed to renationalise the energy and other utility industries then not only would the massive profits these companies are making have been passed onto consumers as discounts on their bills but also the water companies wouldn’t be getting away with pimping raw sewage into our seas.

Not only that, but the railways would have been renationalised, meaning we might have had a decent service. So many rail services are being canceled because the train companies cannot recruit enough drivers. Why? Because the government has put a stop to the free movement of labour from the continent and is blocking an improvement in pay and conditions that might attract a domestic workforce.

Meanwhile, they are spouting about trade deals with New Zealand and Australia whose food miles will do about as much for our non-existent climate promises as their unnecessary SUVs.

Meanwhile, we, the underpaid, underappreciated plebians, are expected to pay for the coronation of a man who didn’t have the courage to stand up to his own parents and marry the person he loved. His great uncle might have been a nazi sympathiser, but at least he had the balls to marry the woman he loved. Instead, Charles decided to cheat on his wife who cheated on him, and we all know how that ended.

Is this who we want as our head of state? Someone who cannot stand up for their principles?

Meanwhile, the government made up of super rich ministers is busy trying to remove the right of young people to vote, removing our right to protestant concentrating immigrants in army camps.

If you want to imagine how this all turns out, then simply read: Hatred, a near future dystopian novel. Get your free copy.


About M J Dees

M J Dees lives and works in Sao Paulo, Brazil with his daughter and two cats. You can sign up for more information on his book launches at http://eepurl.com/cTnAD5 and receive a free copy of The Doomed Planet.
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